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Upgrade Your Vehicles Exterior Outlook With Car Tinting Dubai

We offer versatile car glass tints to add value and visual appeal to your car.

Improve the functionality and appearance of our window tint for cars designed to keep the interior cool. You can get the best-tinted car glass by appointing us for the tint application work. We have different types of tints available for cars that can effectively reduce the glare inside the car and protect the leather upholstery from direct light exposure.

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Get The Best 3M Car Tinting
Deals in Dubai

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We Are The Prime Choice For The Car Tinting In Local Areas of Dubai

We provide the 3M car tinting Dubai services at reasonable costs.

Now you can protect your cars from shattering glass and minor cracks by installing our premium quality tint films. Our adept team at service ensures that the film is secured properly on the windows. If you want to enhance the resale value of your car, you must have our windows tints installed on your automobiles. No matter what vehicle or truck you have, we will provide efficient services for car tinting.


Get Customized Installation Services For The Car Tinting Of Your Vehicles

Back & Front Window Tinting

Whether you want to install the tint on your car’s front and back windows, we can provide customized solutions.

Tinting The Windscreen

You can also purchase the tint with light blackout opacity for the windscreen to avoid the direct glare of sunlight.

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Why Should You Consider Us For Car Tinting Dubai?

Car Tinting Dubai is the top-tier and most trusted automotive service shop in Dubai, giving comprehensive and efficient solutions for car customization services. We offer premium services for car tinting Dubai at highly reasonable rates in different regions.

Guaranteed Quality Tint Film

You can trust us for the quality of our tint film, as they are made from high-quality laminate sheets.

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You can tell us the location, and we will come to your commercial and residential garages on time.

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Our specialized and adept team is always available to hear from you. To avoid the inconvenience of glare and have a cooling effect inside the car, you can book your time slot with our team, and we will come to the respective location at the given time.

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What They Say

I am glad to find a reliable shop for window tinting in the town. They serviced my vehicle and provided the tint film application service under my budget range.

Russell V Flint

After installing window tint film on the windows, my car gives a high-profile look. I would suggest their quality car tinting services.

Joey A Travis

Their window tint film significantly reduced the glare inside my car, besides the magical look. They gave the best solution while understanding my requirements and concerns.

Gloria J Martin


Frequently Asked Question

We Offer The Seamless Car Glass Tinting Services

Car window tinting is worth it as it helps to keep the car interior cool against UV rays. It improves the outlook of the vehicle, offers privacy and security, and protects the upholstery from fading out.

The amount of time car tinting takes depends on the type of vehicle. A complete car window tint can take anywhere between 2-3 hours. While it takes 30-45 minutes for the front windows of the car to be tinted.

The metalized tint is considered to be the most durable tint as it can protect your windows from shattering. The expensiveness of this tint is worth it as they don’t fade out.

The durability of the window tint depends on the type of tint and your upkeep. However, the high-quality metal, ceramic, and polyester tint usually lasts five years.

The cost to tint your car depends on the type of tint and brand you choose for the service. However, the prices can also vary depending on the type of vehicle and the number of windows.